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ACCU-TAC LLC Tank ACCUTAC SMB-0250 TANK 2 BRK .223 SS 1 2-28 858520006114

Manufacturer: ACCU-TAC LLC
SKU: 1-SMB-0250
Manufacturer part number: SMB-0250
GTIN: 858520006114
Vendor: Warehouse A
Accu-Tac SMB-0250 Tank II Muzzle Brake 223 Remington 5.56 NATO 2.2 L 1 2x28 tpi Steel Stainless Steel
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Accu-Tac's muzzle brake connects to the muzzle of a firearm that redirects propellant gases to the sides and forward to counter recoil and unwanted rising of the barrel during rapid fire. The Tank II Muzzle Brake releases gases forward and to the sides to reduce muzzle rise and improve accuracy for faster follow-up shots. It is precisely CNC machined and heat treated to withstand intense use. This 223 Remington model has a stainless steel finish.
Products specifications
Model Tank
Finish Stainless Steel
Dimensions 2.2 L
Material Steel
Type Muzzle Brake
Thread Pattern 1 2x28 tpi
Size 223 Remington 5.56 NATO